This is your WARNING

Official Cleveland Browns Fan Reporter
Official Cleveland Browns Fan Reporter

By Kate Arhar @ClvlndK8

You all know the drill, but in case you don’t…

This is your WARNING:

Since the countdown to the start of the NFL regular season is just days away, I guess it’s time to mention the NFL Season Rules as they will be strictly enforced. None of these are meant to be a personal attack, but you have been warned.

1. I will NOT attend ANYTHING on Thursdays, Sundays or Mondays unless you have NFL on a television.

 a. Events with CLEVELAND BROWNS football take priority over all other events.

 b. Events with NFL football will take priority over any other event other than CLEVELAND BROWNS football.

2. I will be high strung and loud if you are around me while THE CLEVELAND BROWNS are playing.

3. I will wear CLEVELAND BROWNS apparel on Sundays and sometimes on Thursdays, Saturday’s and Mondays. No exceptions.

4. DO NOT interrupt me in the middle of any play to talk to me about anything other than what’s going on in the game!

5. Weddings are for ‘bye’ weeks. It’s not my fault you are starting your married life proving to everyone you are a horrible planner. I won’t be there but I will wish you the best of luck as soon as the game is over.

Thanks for understanding

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