Vikings Update – Weeks 1 and 2

Official Minnesota Vikings Fan Reporter
Official Minnesota Vikings Fan Reporter

By Virlisa Lane @TheREALMrsLane

It’s GREAT To Be a Minnesota Viking!

Yes, I said it. It is great to be a Minnesota Viking.

It has been years since us Vikings fans have been able to keep our heads up high and SKOL!  So excuse me if I take this time to brag about my favorite team.

Ok, that literally lasted a moment.

Well Vikings fans, a few obstacles have landed in our path. We lost our starting quarterback, Teddy Bridgewater two weeks before the start of regular season, which means that the Vikings needed a new reliable veteran quarterback to take Teddy’s place.  So we traded a 1st round pick for Philadelphia Eagles quarterback, Sam Bradford to be our “new” Teddy Bridgewater.

Now, let’s fast forward a bit to our first game, an away game against the Los Angeles Rams.   We all know that QB Shaun Hill is a little up there in age and you all know we could not start a quarterback that has been on the team less than week.  But, Shaun Hill went out there and had a good game. He did what he was told and we got us a win, it wasn’t pretty but a win is a win.

Moving on to week two, it’s the Vikings home opener in our brand new millions of dollars, state of the art stadium.  We had to play our division rival the Green Bay Packers. This game always makes me nauseous, like seriously sick to my stomach.  Of course it wouldn’t be Vikings football without a little QB controversy.  Who would start the game, Shaun Hill or Sam Bradford?  Everyone had their opinions.

It seemed like for that whole week before this game everyone was a football quarterback guru and knew what the Vikings needed to defeat Aaron Rogers and his Green Bay Packers. Me,  I couldn’t care less who the quarterback was at that time. I just wanted to put this game behind me and move on.

We all watched the game because, who is crazy enough not to watch Sunday Night Football?  We all know the outcome. We all saw how wide receiver, Stefon Diggs earned NFC Offensive Player of the Week  with  9 receptions , 182 yards and 1 touchdown. We all witnessed  Sam Bradford’s impressive performance of 22 completions, 286 passing yards and 2 touchdowns.

There was hope for this team again. It seems like we were back on track to be a Super Bowl contending team until it was finally confirmed that the knee injury to running back, Adrian Peterson was indeed season ending.  Not only did we lose our star running back but our starting left tackle, Matt Kalil has been placed on Injured Reserve and is also out for the year.

We all know the saying in football, “Next Man Up” but it seems that we Vikings fans never get a break.  But as Vikings fans we know that we can believe in Mike Zimmer and that he will get us to the Promise Land.  Mike Zimmer said it best, this team is pretty resilient in facing adversity and he is right. We will do this one game at a time and give 110% each week.  So Vikings fans, let us rally behind our team and let’s stay excited because it’s going to be an awesome ride!!


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