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By Emily Gallizo @emgchae

Packers 30 Bears 27 

In week 15 the Chicago Bears hosted the Green Bay Packers at Soldier Field. The tears from the loss were swept away by the negative wind chills throughout the game. This week, chances seemed to be higher than usual for the Bears to try to get a win due to Aaron Rodgers’ calf injury and Alshon Jeffery returning after his four game suspension.

With Jay Cutler out for the rest of the season, Matt Barkley once again had an opportunity to shine. With the conditions these teams had to play in Barkley showed us that he, too, can throw a football. Although he had three interceptions, 95 rushing yards, and four turnovers, Barkley had 354 passing yards during this game and completed 30 of his 42 passes. 

Quick 411:

In the first quarter, the Bears had us nervous that the fate of this game would end up like all the others. In the second quarter, they tied the game 10-10. Connor Barth scored a 26 yard field goal and Joshua Bellamy had a touchdown by the two minute mark with an extra point following.

In the third quarter, the Bears had allowed the Packers to score 17 unanswered points. In this moment I remember the faces of all of us watching in awe that there would be no coming back from this. Most people called the game a loss by the end of the third quarter and had no faith in the Bears.

I, however, kept my faith alive and boy did it keep me on my toes. In the last quarter the Bears scored 17 points bringing the score to 27-27. At this time the warmth of hope would bring life to Chicagoans sitting in Soldier field.

During the fourth quarter, Jeffery started it off with a touchdown and Barth with the extra point. Next, of course, Jordan Howard got his chance to shine with a touchdown and Barth with the extra point. Moments after the two-minute warning Barth got another field goal, which ended up tying the game. After the Bears last timeout in the last moments of the game, Mason Crosby won the game for the Packers from the 32 yard line.

3 Things we learned from Week 15:

Life goes on without Jay Cutler.

Barkley could be a breakout star next season if he works on focusing his efforts of his passes, avoiding interceptions and turnovers, and getting the practice in to be increasingly efficient. Most of his passes hit the targets but can he keep this up from game to game or will it be inconsistent as Cutler has shown in the past?

As we have seen with Cutler you can have all the talent but if not effectively utilized, what good is it? Barkley gets better every week even in the midst of playing better teams. Although it seems as if his journey has just begun, he may be one to watch for next year or the years following.

With Alshon Jeffery, Jordan Howard, Cameron Meredith and Josh Bellamy, the Bears have a bright future in the upcoming season. Unfortunately, for us fans, this season didn’t pan out as we would have hoped, but in the offseason these players have a chance to pull it together.

After Monday night’s game, where the Carolina Panthers defeated the Washington Redskins, we know that anything can happen week to week in the NFL.

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