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Official Philadelphia Eagles Fan Reporter
Official Philadelphia Eagles Fan Reporter

By Roxaan Herrera @roxaaneh

This year had a promising start; Eagles fans and NFL fans alike were eager to watch what was in store for Philadelphia. After an undefeated streak the first three games, it seemed as if the Philadelphia Eagles were the team to beat in the NFC East. Alas, the BYE week approached much too soon and ruined the groove that the rookie head coach Doug Pederson and rookie quarterback Carson Wentz had.

The fourth week BYE isn’t all to blame.  It didn’t help that for a few weeks the referees were making way too many calls against Philadelphia that were bad calls, and/or refused to make any calls that were blatantly obvious penalties. BUT the refs aren’t all to blame either.

It didn’t help that Pederson couldn’t decide when to make risky calls, instead he was too inconsistent and made conservative play calls when he should have trusted his offense. He put them in bad situations when he should have reigned it back a bit.

But let’s not put all the blame on the head coach. Let’s take a look at the lack of help Wentz has in his receiving corps. WR Jordan Matthews is the best receiver on the team, which isn’t saying much, meanwhile all of them have failed to make the catches when they count. I refuse to forgive the players for their butter fingers when they get paid to do that ONE job.

This past Sunday, with the Eagles still in the hunt for the playoffs, the team that I love and hold dear to my heart, just disappeared all together. The last few weeks Philadelphia has lost, not because they lacked effort but because Doug Pederson got out-coached and our offense got defeated by better defensive units. The losses are expected with two rookies as the team’s leaders, but it seems like this team isn’t the cohesive unit they once were.

There is so much potential on this team and I know for a fact that in a few short years we will be the team to defeat in the division. But until then, the Eagles need to prove they are a competitive team and not make their weaknesses so transparent. I’m not giving up on this season just yet. Meanwhile so many analysts are already talking about the NFL draft and what we need. I’m focused on the last few games and pray to the football gods that we make the wild card. *fingers crossed*

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