When A Win Counts

Official Indianapolis Colts Fan Reporter
Official Indianapolis Colts Fan Reporter

By Julie Voigt @SwhrtColtsFan13

Chargers 22 Colts 26

When the time is now to prove this can be a winning team…

It was said many times, by many writers, experts, that this Colts team needed a win in the worst way.  This team, if they wanted to be a contender in the playoffs, the Indianapolis Colts needed a win. 

They needed a win in a bad, bad way. 

And on Sunday in Indianapolis at Lucas Oil Stadium, the Colts did just that, earning their first win of the season against the San Diego Chargers with a score of 22-26 with none other than T.Y. Hilton saving the day, catching a 63-yard touchdown during the last few minutes left in the game.

Indianapolis was trying to avoid a 0-3 season start, at which Coach Chuck Pagano referred to as “doomsday”. No team in the NFL has gone on to make the playoffs with a 0-3 season.  Not since 2006.  Something that the Colts did not want to be known for. The time was now to get that win, and most importantly, keep on winning. This win will count in more ways than one.

Being skeptical with the news of all the injuries being listed prior to game time was very discouraging to some, including rumors of Andrew Luck with a possible shoulder injury. But great news came when we learned that defensive players Henry Anderson, Vontae Davis and Clayton Geathers were cleared to play. And they made it known that they were back, and as a team, proved that this defense is on the verge of healing up and no longer being named as one of the “Top Ten Worst Defenses in the League” as I heard on the radio driving down to Indy.

And boy, did the defense show up on this game and prove otherwise.

This was not the same defense we saw during the week one game vs Detroit Lions, where it seemed like every secondary player was replacing another starter due to injuries.  This defensive team is starting to get back in shape and healthy again. 

Star defensive player of the game was Erik Walden with 2 sacks on Chargers QB Philip Rivers and also two forced fumbles.  These plays, in my opinion, were key plays to this victory.

Colts defense only gave up 22 points, 356 yards and rushed for 155 yards.  The Colts defense really stepped up their game this time around. 

No doubt that this win was not just a defensive win.  Seems like the offensive team had it together, as well.  With a Donte Moncrief injury to his shoulder, which is going to keep him out of play at least 4-6 weeks, it was time for Phillip Dorsett and T.Y. Hilton to make this win happen. And Hilton made true to his statement saying that he needs to play better. He ended up saving the day.

Hilton caught eight passes totalling 174 yards and one touchdown, including the 63 yards that scored the winning TD with 1:17 left on the clock. Hilton also showed his true talent with a catch that allowed him to keep his feet down in bounds along the sideline in the third quarter.  Hilton is easily showing what he can do with such a great performance from this young wide receiver. 

Frank Gore also ran 21 times for 82 yards and one TD as well. Although some, including myself, still seem skeptical about Gore, I have to also remind myself to be patient. This patience also needs to be given to Phillip Dorsett, who seemed “quiet” in Sunday’s matchup. He has time to shine and prove me wrong. We need you, Phillip!! 

This team win has shown all of us what this team is used to.  It is true that for the past 2 seasons, Colts season started 0-2 before showing what they can be made up of.  It takes time to build a winning season.  And for the Colts, it seems to be just that. 

Realizing that it has only been week 3 in the season, surely there were no worries from this fan.  Of course, there are always going to be disappointing plays, but with that said, we learn from those mistakes and correct them.  And I believe this Colts team has just done that.

We still have a few injuries which, of course, will hurt us at some point, but just imagine what this team can do when we lick our wounds and get healthy again.  I can imagine a healthy Moncrief racking up yards. I’m anticipating that return and those of others. I’m truly gearing up for an explosive season still, and it will need some patience.

Week Four is fast approaching.  The Indianapolis Colts will be traveling across the pond to London for the International Series game against the Jacksonville Jaguars.  The Jaguars are still looking for their first win of the season.  Although Jacksonville has been appearing in the International Series for the past few seasons, this Colts team needs to get their mindset on one thing, another win!  The Colts are 2.5 point favorites to win over the Jaguars.

So Colts Nation, set your clocks for an early game time on Sunday.  Get that morning coffee, or whatever your pleasure is, and let’s support these Boys in Blue!  This win counts. 

Safe travels to all the players, coaches staff and super fans that get the honor and privilege to attend this once in a lifetime experience. I have nothing but love for the U.K.!!

But in the end, make this win count!

Let’s Go Colts!!

Featured image of T.Y. Hilton courtesy: colts.com

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