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Liz Pro Photo - sitting croppedHi, I’m Liz Panucci, founder of NFLFemale!

We would love to have you share your knowledge and thoughts on your team or the NFL. Sorry guys, women only!

Here are your topics to choose from:

Weekly Recaps: Team specific or NFL in general

Fantasy Football: Weekly updates (choose just one week or the whole season)

Football 101: Have a NFL/team experience you want to share?

Predictions: Weekly updates – each game broken down (choose just one week or the whole season)

Life Coach: Is there someone you know in the football world who deserves to be recognized for inspiring others?

#GiveBack: Helping others in the community. Share about an event you attended and helped at OR someone in the NFL world did.

Perspectives: Have a thought about the NFL world, along with a solution. Let’s hear it!

Interviews: Do you have the opportunity to interview someone in the football world? Share it here.

NFLUK: We love our UK friends and want to hear from you – your fav team, your experiences and travels to games!

Homegating: What do your guests always request you make when you’re entertaining them – both food and drinks? Share the recipe and mouthwatering pics so we can try some too.

Submit via email:  liz@nflfemale.com

350-650 words per article. Attach a pic of you from chest up for your author pic. Your first and last name. Your twitter or facebook handle. Include any pics relevant to your article (always attach these).

I’m looking forward to sharing your articles. Together, let’s make YOUR sports reporting dreams come true!!

#smartwomen #smart football

4 thoughts on “Write for NFLFemale”

  1. HI Liz thank u for giving me the opportunity to do what I love to do and what I have been doing all my life . I’m currently in remission from Crohns Disease and I’m ready to start enjoying life again , and bring awareness about Crohns to the NFL I look forward to being apart of your organization. Be blessed.

  2. Hi Liz,
    So psyched about this opportunity. I’ve been in marketing for too many years, writing about software. So terrifically riveting. Can’t wait to try my hand musing about something I LOVE. New Englander by birth, Austinite by circumstance. I live and breathe Patriots. More on that later. Still verklempt about this afternoon’s news in re: Gronk. I’ll recover in time to join other Pats fans for SNF.

    What’s the deadline for the submissions? This promises to epic fun…


    Pat Colpitts

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